Nome "Mega Dredge" could be funded by you

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NOME, Alaska (KTUU) - How does buying an ounce of gold at a little more than 25 percent discount sound? Wondering if it's worth it's weight?

The owners of Tagiuk Gold in Nome are hoping it sounds like a deal so good you'll buy in. In exchange for your cold hard cash, you'll get to pat your self on the back for helping them build their dream "Mega Dredge".

Andrew Lee says he and his brothers now own about two-thirds of the share of the gold fields off the coast of Nome. He says the family business started out small with suction dredging and they've been expanding to this point.

With their largest clam style dredge under construction in Washington state, they're hoping to speed up the build and get the dredge set up off the coast of Nome with your help.

Many of us have seen (and even taken part in) crowd funding on sites like Go Fund Me. Tagiuk Gold is offering their deal on their own website; an ounce of gold for a cool 925 bucks -- discounted from the original price of $1,300.00.

The only catch is that buyers will have to wait until next year to get their gold, after the dredge is complete, moved to Alaska and becomes fully operational. For those of us doubting their ability to keep their end of the bargain, Lee says thousands of ounces of gold have been dredged by his family.

And you're not limited to just a single troy ounce, you can order more than five ounces at a time. If you want to take part in a business older than the state itself, all that's left to do now, is wait.

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