Over 10 years later, Alaska victim of sexual abuse sees justice with guilty verdict

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - She was only a 4-year-old little girl when the abuse began. Now, a 20-year-old woman, she sees justice in the form of a guilty verdict handed down by an Anchorage jury.

The case against 51-year-old Robert Gallamore dates back to 2016, when the victim, 17 years old at the time, came forward to investigators with allegations of years-long sexual abuse perpetrated on her as a child.

She told investigators that when she was 4 years old, living in Anchorage, Gallamore would kiss her and have her "stroke" his penis on numerous occasions. That behavior continued until she was 7, according to charging documents detailing interviews between law enforcement and the victim.

During a forensic interview in Oregon, where she now lives, the victim laid out a pattern of grooming and abuse she suffered as a young girl.

She told authorities in Oregon that Gallamore "would tell her that they were boyfriend and girlfriend" and that, on multiple occasions, told her "this is our secret."

Authorities in Anchorage set up a recorded phone call between the victim's mother and Gallamore, where she confronted him about the allegations. In that call, he denied it.

The detectives themselves then reached out to Gallamore, who again denied the allegations, and agreed to a polygraph test which he said would prove his innocence. He failed the test, displaying what authorities described as "deceptive" responses.

Detectives then went back to Gallamore, and confronted him with the polygraph test results. That's when, they say, his story changed.

"Gallamore admitted that about ten years ago there was one time when [the victim] put her hand down his pants and grabbed his penis and squeezed it," APD Detective Jeff Bell wrote in his affidavit.

He continued to tell detectives that she touched his penis on the outside of his clothes five to ten more times, but "admitted that he may be suppressing how many times this happened and it could be more than he remembers."

"Gallamore seemed to blame [the victim] for being the one touching him but admitted that he should have stopped her by not allowing her to sit on his lap," the affidavit states.

Three years passed following this police interview, until January 15, 2019, when an Anchorage jury found Gallamore guilty of sexual abuse of a minor.

Assistant District Attorney Daniel Shorey, who prosecuted the case, said in a statement that the evidence presented at trial established that in the early 2000’s, Gallamore engaged in sexual contact with the then-four-year-old victim.

Sentencing for the crime has been scheduled for June, 2019. The jail time could be up to 20 years, with a fine of $100,000, or both, according to prosecutors.

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