Palin at a hospital for veterans as his pretrial conference is delayed

Track Palin gestures to reporters in court on Oct. 3, 2018.
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PALMER, Alaska (KTUU) - The oldest son of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is being treated in a hospital for veterans as he prepares to spend a year in custody.

Track Palin, 29, was set to be remanded on Oct. 31 but Patrick Bergt, Palin’s attorney, asked that that date be continued to Dec. 5 as Palin was applying to stay at Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital.

According to the hospital’s website, the facility provides psychiatric treatment for service members and veterans. The facility opened in 2015 with 36 beds. In 2016, there was a waiting list for services.

A bed was found for Palin by November, but Bergt said he could not confirm when his client entered the facility, whether he entered the hospital voluntarily or what he was being treated for.

At the Palmer pretrial conference Bergt hinted that Palin may stay at the treatment facility beyond Dec. 5, saying, "If he's still at Chris Kyle in January."

The hospital though is not a Department of Corrections facility, meaning time spent in treatment does not automatically equate to time spent behind bars. Bergt said he would file a motion before the end of the week to transfer credit for time spent in 24/7 lockdown at the hospital to Palin’s year in confinement.

Megan Edge, a spokesperson for the Department of Corrections, said it "hasn't been determined" where Palin will be housed when, and if, he's taken into custody.

The Associated Press reported Nov. 1 that Bergt had filed a motion that Palin’s treatment in the hospital would last no more than 30 days and that it would "benefit Mr. Palin significantly.”

At that time, Anchorage District Attorney, Richard Allen, said he opposed delaying the start of Palin’s sentence, as he had already been treated at the same hospital, "and it obviously didn't take then."

Allen wrote in an email Monday that he had "nothing new to report" on Palin's case.

Bergt appeared in the Palmer Courthouse Monday morning for a scheduled pretrial conference for a late-September case against Palin.

Alaska State Troopers allege that Palin assaulted ex-girlfriend Jordan Loewe and then resisted arrest. Bergt had a motion granted by Palmer District Court Judge John Wolfe that the pretrial conference be pushed back to Jan. 28, as Bergt had recently taken paternity leave.

There has not been a decision for how Palin will plead in the Loewe case, said Bergt.

In October, Palin was ordered to spend a year in custody after being disqualified from a therapeutic program for veterans.

Palin had been allowed to enter the program after making a plea agreement to accusations that he broke into his parents’ house and assaulted his father, Todd Palin, in December of 2017.

Anchorage District Court Judge David Wallace told Palin that he violated the conditions of the plea agreement after the alleged incident with Loewe.

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