Grunwald parents, investigators testify in murder trial

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PALMER, Alaska (KTUU) - The trial for accused murderer Erick Almandinger continued on Tuesday, with more testimony from the various investigators involved in the Grunwald murder case.

The court examined three-dimensional photographs of the remote wooded area, where David Grunwald’s body was discovered more than two weeks after his disappearance in November 2016.

The jury also saw surveillance footage from the gas station, where the group of suspects allegedly bought gasoline to burn Grunwald’s Ford Bronco. A ballistics expert from the state crime lab reviewed evidence from the two firearms involved in the case: A Springfield 9mm, which investigators identified as the murder weapon, and Almandinger’s personal Ruger.

The guns were found in a backpack belonging to Devin Peterson, who prosecutors say was tasked with disposing of the firearms.

Both of Grunwald’s parents also took to the witness stand. Edith Grunwald, the victim's mother, says her son often had friends over at their home, but she didn’t know who Almandinger was until after David’s disappearance.

"Erick never came to our house," she told the court. "I don’t remember the name Almandinger, and at first I didn’t even recall the name Erick. I think he may have mentioned Erick once or twice before, but I couldn’t be sure."

On Wednesday, the court is expected to take a closer look at evidence from the Almandingers’ trailer, where Grunwald was allegedly beaten and pistol-whipped before the murder. The trailer itself may be brought to the Palmer courthouse as an exhibit.

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