Parking and storage company says some customer data may have recently been compromised

ANCHORAGE,Alaska (KTUU) A large parking and storage company in Anchorage says personal information for several customers may have recently been compromised.

Jeffrey Robinson, an attorney representing Diamond Parking says the company is in the process of notifying the potential customers who might have had some of their data taken recently. Robinson says the company was notified that a former employee's running vehicle, with sensitive information inside, was taken from one of its lots.

According to Karla Venegas, it was her Volkswagon that was taken Sunday night. Venegas was a self-storage property manager at the time.
On Friday afternoon, she told Channel 2 News that, at the time of the apparent theft, she had several Xerox boxes filled with customer information, like voided checks, addresses and even contracts inside the car.

"It was my job to make sure I wasn't disposing of anything or shredding anything that wasn't suppose to, so we made sure to put everything in those boxes and then keep them for a certain amount of time," she said.

Diamond Parking says it is working with law enforcement and other third parties to "get to the bottom of the event."

Venegas told KTUU she picked up her final paycheck from the company today and was asked to stay off the property.

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