Parnell makes Dunleavy's list of advisers as new transition members named

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Governor-elect Mike Dunleavy named more special advisers and members of his transition team, including a former governor, and special advisers on topics that paint a picture of what his priorities in office will be.

Former Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell will be Dunleavy’s special adviser on AKLNG project. “No one knows more about the project than the former governor,” Tuckerman Babcock, Dunleavy’s Chief of Staff and head of the transition team, said. Babcock said Parnell moved the AKLNG project to a point it had never achieved before.

Former Alaska State Rep. Dan Saddler, who pursued a seat in the Senate this year, but lost in the primary, was named the Executive Director of Dunleavy’s policy council.

Dunleavy also named Dick Randolph, a Fairbanks-area business owner and former lawmaker, as his special adviser for constitutional reform. He was described as the “father of the repeal of the income tax” in 1980.

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