Police and kids play together in annual basketball tournament

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A basketball game held Saturday afternoon in Fairview saw police officers and local kids play together as a way to show both groups that they are citizens of the same city.

Shiloh Community Development, Inc. has organized the Hoops4Unity Basketball Tournament for the past three years. The program brings law enforcement officers to play on the same teams as local kids throughout the tournament. "What I love about this program, it's not law enforcement against our youth, it's law enforcement and our youth on one team," said event organizer Celeste Hodge Growden.

Ben Nielsen, a student resource officer with the Anchorage Police Department, says the event has almost become an annual tradition and a useful way to connect with the community. "This is a positive opportunity where we get to spend time and actually have fun with each other and realize that we're all people."

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