Cold cases: Police ID 2 women's bodies found in 'Texas Killing Fields’ decades ago

The remains of Audrey Cook, left, and Donna Prudhomme were found decades ago but were only identified recently. (Source: League City Police)
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LEAGUE CITY, TX (KLTV/Gray News) - Police have finally been able to identify two unknown women whose remains were found years ago in the Calder Road area League City, off of I-45 in Galveston County.

Assisted by DNA technology that was not available when the women were killed and dumped in the so-called “Texas Killing Fields,” police have discovered who the women were, and now they want the public’s help learning more about them as they investigate their deaths.

The area where the women were found has been dubbed “Texas Killing Fields” by members of the public and the media over the years, police said. The crimes have also been dubbed “The Calder Road Murders.”

Thirty bodies have been found there over the years, beginning in the 1970s. Some cases have been solved and linked to serial killers. Others remain open, police said.

On Feb. 2, 1986, police say two boys were riding their bikes in a field off Calder Road when they found the remains of two female victims. The women’s bodies were in close proximity to each other.

One of the women was identified, but the other has remained unidentified for 33 years. She is now known to be Audrey Lee Cook of Alabama. She was 30 years old at the time of her death. Cook lived in Houston/Channelview between 1976 and 1985, working for a Houston golf cart company in 1979, Harrison Equipment Company in 1980, and Balloon Affair in Houston in 1981. At some point she worked as a mechanic for National Rent-a-Car in Houston, as well.

Her last contact was with family in December 1985. Her body was found two months later. Her associates from that time indicated she was believed to buy and sell cocaine, according to police.

Five years later, on Sept. 8, 1991, the skeletal remains of another woman were found in the same area by two people riding horses. When medical examiners could not identify her, she was dubbed “Janet Doe.” She was the fourth female body found in the area in a span of seven years, police say. Janet Doe is now known to be Donna Prudhomme, age 34 at the time of her death. She had moved from Beaumont to Austin in 1986, police said, to escape an abusive relationship. In 1988 she moved to Seabrook where she lived in several different apartment complexes. She then moved to Nassau Bay in 1991.

Police do not know where Prudhomme worked, and ask for the public’s help learning that and other details of her life. They say that she was believed to frequent several local bars in the Nasa Road 1 area of Seabrook, Texas. She was last seen in July 1991.

The women who were identified soon after they were located in the “killing fields” were Heidi Fye in 1984 and Laura Miller in 1986.

Police say that on April 6, 1984, a family dog brought human skeletal remains to its home on Ervin Street. A wooded area was searched behind the home, and the rest of the remains of a woman were found. The woman was identified as Heidi Fye, 25.

The woman whose body was found near Cook’s body in 1986 was identified using dental records. Detectives worked to identify both women, but could only identify one, Laura Miller.

League City Police are asking that anybody who knew or had personal knowledge of either Audrey Cook or Donna Prudhomme around the time of their deaths or has information that will help further the investigation of these cases to please contact the League City Police Department Cold Case tip line at 281-338-8220.

If you would like to arrange for an interview with Lt. Buffington, please contact Public Information Officer Kelly Williamson at 281-554-1844 or email him.

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