Police warn of phony 'Anchorage Police Officer Alliance' phone scam

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - In a community alert Thursday, Anchorage police warned residents against a telephone scam that was brought to their attention, as the scammers are posing as being associated with the police department itself.

"Citizens have reported receiving phone calls from an individual claiming to be collecting donations for the Anchorage Police Officer Alliance," Renee Oistad, police spokesperson, wrote in the alert. She says that "Alliance" doesn't even exist, and that APD is not asking for any donations.

In addition to the phony fundraising, Oistad said there have been reports of calls from a "foreign-sounding male" asking for donations for police training. This, too, Oistad said, is not at all legitimate.

Police are asking for members of the public, who believe have been contacted by fraudulent parties, to file a report online with the Federal Trade Commission at IC3.gov.