RAW VIDEO: Full-sprint, a bear cub races car along neighborhood sidewalk

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(Gray News) - The folks of Yuba City, CA, could bear-ly believe what they were seeing this week when they reported a cub roaming the streets.

Authorities posted a video of the bear at full gallop down a neighborhood sidewalk.

"We arrived and confirmed it was in fact a bear, likely a cub as it was estimated to be just over 5 feet tall and about 125 lbs.," said the post on the City of Yuba City Facebook page.

"Upon contacting Fish and Game, we were advised to allow the bear to leave the area on its own, so it could find its way back to its habitat."

But the cub had other plans in the community about 40 miles north of Sacramento.

A few hours later officials got another call about a bear.

"We responded and found the same bear in that area," the Facebook post said. "Fish and Game personnel responded and tranquillized the bear. It was then captured without injury and removed."

Goodbye, Yuba City cub. We bear-ly got to know you.

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