Rage yoga lets participants yell, cuss and point their middle fingers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF/CNN) - Yoga traditionally focuses on deep breathing, meditation and gentle flows between poses to bring tranquility and peace, which is why the latest adaptation seems a little weird.

Rage yoga is focused on letting it all out through screaming, cussing and of course, relaxing with a beer. (Source: WDAF)

This is rage yoga, and it is not the place to come for dim lights and soft music.

"It's yoga with an attitude, basically," said Amanda Kauffman, an instructor.

Instead of calming your mind, Kauffman says the goal is to force everything out, and it's going to be loud.

"I`ve never done rage yoga before. I had recently seen something online about it, and then I saw that it was available here, so I just jumped on the opportunity," Hillary Luppino said.

While participants are welcome to pair their poses with pints, it's the freedom to release anger that draws many to this class.

"The idea of also kind of incorporating the stress release of like yelling or screaming or flipping somebody off, you know what I mean?" Luppino said.

"We`ll be listening to loud music, explicit music," Kauffman said. "We will be cussing, using profanity, yelling, screaming, just letting all the negative energy out tonight. That's the goal."

It's not all that unusual for Kauffman, who regularly practices yoga at home to loud metal music.

"That`s just what I enjoy, so when I saw the teacher training program for rage yoga, it spoke to me," Kauffman said.

Luppino said she feels stressed and burnt out often, so this class felt like a good solution.

"The mental aspect of just releasing all that stress just seems like it's going to be a wonderful experience," she said.

Rage yoga got its start in Canada, so don't be surprised if there isn't a class in your area yet.

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