Real time People Mover bus tracking at your fingertips

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Anchorage, ALASKA (KTUU) Bus riders will no longer have to wait around guessing when the bus will arrive. The Municipality of Anchorage unveiled a few new ways to track buses in real time.

Photo of Anchorage people mover bus

Riders can use Google Maps or text the bus stop ID number to 312-2060.

Bart Rudolph, Muni transit planner, says he's excited to give riders these new options.

"When there's inclement weather like there is today, rain or if there's snow you will know when to leave your house or leave your business before getting to the bus stop," says Rudolph.

The city used to only provide the scheduled times to google maps, but if a bus was running late, riders would have no way of knowing.

"Sometimes if you're at a bus stop you don't know if the bus has already come or not," says Rudolph. "The next bus might not come for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. This will let you know the bus hasn't come yet."

GPS tracking data was already being sent back to Muni dispatch but a group of volunteers created a computer code that shares that information with Google.

Rudolph says there was no cost to implement this new system. By august he says all bus stops will have instructions with ways to track the bus. In the meantime you can text "ABOUT" to 312-2060 for instructions.

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