Recall crisis: Are Alaskans putting the brakes on fixing recalls?

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - An estimated 79,000 cars in Alaska are currently driving around with recalled parts, according to

"There’s a recall on something, somewhere, always. Just check with the manufacturer," said Dexter Adams, service manager of A & A The Shop.

Adams said the easiest way to know if your car needs a new part is to plug in the VIN number with either an online database or a dealership.

"Have them update your information as far as your name, address, that you own that car now," Adams said. "So if ever a recall does come out, then they’ll send you a notice on that."

Adams said all recall repairs are free, but they might require waiting after notifying the dealership your car qualifies for the recall fix.

"They might have you come in and preorder the part," he said. "When they actually get the part, they’ll set you up with an appointment at that time."

Mechanics say it's hard to pinpoint what's most common, but it's typically repeated repairs to the same part in different cars.

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