Red salmon runs peaking in Seward

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SEWARD, Alaska (KTUU) - The red salmon are running in Seward.

Fishing the red salmon run along the mouth of the Resurrection River in Seward Thursday, June 6. (KTUU)

Channel 2 spoke with multiple a"fish"ionados on Thursday who bagged their limit of six salmon in under an hour at the mouth of the Resurrection River. They recommended to come fill up your freezers while the run is hot.

Dustin Heger said that his visit this year was much more productive than the same trip in 2018.

"Last year, we came out here and we got skunked," Heger said. "My daughter caught one, and my friend and I, we caught zero. So, this is a make-up from last year."

Several fishing the banks of the river reported catching their six-fish limit in under an hour.

According to long-time Seward resident Tom Dupea, who was fishing the mouth of the Resurrection River at the time, if you know just where to go you can catch the gamut of salmon species in the immediate area.

"This area here is good for red salmon, but the other side is good for silvers in the fall," Dupea said, pointing to the east side of the river. "And then kings -- right now on the other side by the lagoon -- is good for kings." At this point in the conversation, Dupea broke off to cheer his niece on for catching her first red of the year.

Heger said the fishing can get a little crowded. But in his experience, there's a certain etiquette for those fishing at the mouth of the Resurrection River.

"Everyone's pretty courteous about giving their space, and encouraging each other on when they have fish on," Heger said. "It's a lot of fun -- a good place to bring the family, too."

While reds are hot right now, king salmon are also beginning their spawning run. The limit is two kings per day in Resurrection Bay, counting towards a daily limit of six total salmon, according to Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations.

Peak red salmon runs are due over the next two weeks, as the fish make their way up Bear Creek to spawn.

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