Remembering Cynthia Hoffman with a memorial ride

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Over a dozen bikers from varying motorcycle clubs across the city Tuesday held a memorial ride for Cynthia Hoffman, who was murdered in 2019.

Among the group of riders was Michael Rogers a close friend of Timothy since the age of five.

"Their family took me in, his dad practically raised me and I'm here to support him."

While this big family was revving their motorcycle engines in memory of Cynthia and for justice, Steve Webb, Pastor at Biker Life Church said there is another reason why this ride is so important for friends and for the Hoffman family.

"I believe there is justice and then there is peace and I believe that this is a part that peace that we are going to get every year as it comes by."

At the Thunderbird Falls Trailhead, the riders gathered in memory of Cynthia while Cynthia's family laid flowers on the bridge.

Back at the trailhead before starting up their bikes for the ride back to East Anchorage Timothy Hoffman had a few words.

"I do not wish any bad things on the people that did wrong but I do wish they get their punishment and I just have one other thing to say."

Timothy looks up to the sky and with a loud roar, he yells.

"Cynthia I love you!!!"

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