Rescue mission: Man traveling country with adopted dogs makes stop in Alaska

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - “It’s really the most logical thing to do,” Lee Asher said on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Since February, Asher, who launched The Asher House has been traveling the country in an RV and a donated Mitsubishi with six rescue dogs and his best friend.

The “logical” he was referencing wasn’t exactly about the trip. He was focused more on giving dogs a second chance.

“Part of the trip is producing content of my rescue dogs so people can see the beautiful bond they can have with their rescue pet," he said.

Asher quit his job and decided to go full force into animal rescue. The Asher House is an organization working with other animal shelters across the country. On Saturday, the group stopped in Anchorage at Compassionate Canine Massage for a joint event with Alaska Bully Rescue.

“These dogs need somewhere to go. Even when we’re the fullest of the full and somebody comes in and they have a story, we don’t say no. We can’t say no,” Lisa Switzer with Alaska Bully Rescue said.

Asher said he chooses not to dwell on the troubled past some rescue animals have. “A dog doesn’t have a story it obsesses about. No matter what the dog has been through, they don’t think about it anymore. Dogs are all about the present moment. And that’s what people need to do not only with their own life but also with their dog when they rescue a dog.”

Asher hopes his work inspires people to have conversations about “all the beautiful things about their dog.”

Alaska Bully Rescue said two animals were adopted at the event Saturday.