Researchers examine climate change impacts on Alaska hunters

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BETHEL, Alaska (AP) - A University of Alaska Fairbanks study says climate change is having significant impacts on subsistence hunting and travel in communities across Alaska.

KYUK-AM reports ( assistant professor Todd Brinkman led a team of researchers who collected data and gathered information from residents in four Alaska villages -- Fort Yukon, Venetie, Wainwright and Kaktovik. Brinkman says the residents reported challenges in accessing subsistence resources brought on by changing weather patterns.

According to the study, 60 percent of the 47 relationships identified between the availability of subsistence resources and climate change focused on hunter access.

Brinkman says many families have struggled to adapt to the challenges, which include eroding riverbanks, less snow and river ice breaking up early. Many people are now using all-terrain vehicles instead of snow machines to get around due to the lack of snow.

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