RoadTrippin’ Alaska: Visitors from around the world pass through Arctic visitors center on Haul Road

The Arctic Interagency Visitors Center welcomes visitors from around the world to the Arctic. (KTUU)
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COLDFOOT, Alaska (KTUU) - Truckers aren’t the only ones passing through the small community of Coldfoot these days. There are so many tourists driving the Dalton that there’s a visitors center just across the highway from the truck stop.

The Arctic Interagency Visitors Center has been open since 2005, and is co-managed by the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

There, visitors can see exhibits, films and ranger presentations about the incredible lands that lie north of the Arctic Circle. And like any stop along the Dalton Highway, the visitors center is a crossroads for people from around the globe.

“We came up to see the last frontier, its beautiful here,” said Kaja Pacholczyk, a visitor from Poland who stopped by the center with her travelling companions. “I wanted personally to do the Dalton Highway and I knew another girl also wanted to the Dalton Highway so we travel a lot basically.”

“Last year during August I had to make a count and I had someone from all 50 states and I think 22 countries,” said AIVC manager John Rapphahn. “It’s international that’s coming up this road and that’s the best part I think about it.”

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