Roadtrippin': Earthsong Lodge on the Stampede Trail--"A little piece of paradise"

The Stampede Trail is famous for being the drop-off point of the ill-fated wayfarer Christopher McCandles who lived in a bus several miles from the rest of civilization, but in fact the road hides a hidden treasure.

Jon Nierenberg, founder of Earthsong Lodge

As our Roadtrippin’ team’s Beth Verge calls it, Earthsong Lodge is a “little piece of paradise.”

Founded by Jon Nierenberg, who says the lodge revolves around a commitment to his sled dogs, the lodge has several cozy, comfortable log cabins on site, full amenities, and even a coffee bar that serves fresh cinnamon rolls every morning.

But for all that, Nierenberg says the dog sled rides are what takes the cake for most tourists.

“If it’s not the most impactful event in their lives, it’s one of them,” he says, “Even more than an African Safari.”

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