Roadtrippin': Solstice Brewfest at 49th State

HEALY (KTUU) - The 49th State Brewing company got started in the unassuming coal-mining town of Healy, Alaska on the north side of the Alaska Range. But despite its isolated location, the bar is trendy, and for the summer solstice, it’s hoppin’--pun intended.

49th State Entrance Healy

“What you have is the Solstice IPA. This is definitely a fan favorite,” says Ellen Maloney of 49th State. “Originally created 9 years ago when we started our first Solstice Brewfest.”

The brewery is also hoppin’ in the musical sense:

Outside musician Matt Lewis is playing this weekend, opened by Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles.

“Lots of festivities, tons of beer on tap,” says Maloney.

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