Rural artist uses her surroundings as inspiration to shape her future

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Originally from New York City, Sara Wolman finds herself in King Salmon, Alaska a devoted artist, illustrator, and naturalist using what she sees around her as a backbone for her creativity.

Sara Wolman painting (Gilbert Cordova/KTUU)

Wolman moved to Alaska in 2013, and for the past six years, she's helped many Alaskans find their voice through art.

“I would say that there’s been a real push in Bristol Bay and the smaller communities. There hasn’t been a lot of funding for the arts in general for schools, and I mean these are really small villages, sometimes a village for 40 or something like that,” said Wolman, “So bringing something like art into the schools there means a lot to people.”

(Courtesy: Moss and Myrrh Photography)

(Courtesy: Moss and Myrrh Photography)

Wolman is an education specialist for U.S. Fish and Wildlife who recently started an artist-naturalist class that’s free to the public. Through it, people can learn a variety of art mediums. She continues the outreach throught by winter by teaching in rural Alaska classrooms.

“[Art] is not about being perfect, it’s about enjoying the medium and what you’re doing,” she says.

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