SOY: Emma Flodin, the traveling Bassoonist

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Emma Flodin has music in her blood. Her grandmother Renda Horn helped co-found the Alaska Children’s Choir and now young Emma is pursuing an orchestral career as a talented Bassoonist.

The difficulty Flodin faces in pursuit of her dream is the location. “Homer has a really nice school band but Bassoon is an Orchestra instrument.” Says Flodin.

That challenge has done little to slow the talented music maker. To keep her skills sharp Emma travels to Anchorage regularly in order to play with the Alaska Youth Orchestra.

“Being able to play in an orchestra with strings and brass and woodwinds is really amazing.” Says Flodin.

While she is grateful for the opportunity the Homer senior does face a number of challenges. “Since I’m not here every week I don’t get to play as much with the orchestra.” Says Emma.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of keeping up with one’s schoolwork. “Honestly the homework load and traveling back and forth, missing a few days of school isn’t amazing.” Says Emma.

That may be in part due to her collegiate goals. Emma wants to attend either Oberlin or Northwestern and she’s applying both to the schools and auditioning for their conservatories.

As for the travel itself, Flodin has been flying to and from Anchorage. Thankfully with a bit of help to defer the cost. “Ravn Air has actually provided tickets so it’s a little less stressful than it could have been.” Says Emma.

Regardless of the challenges, Emma is powering forward chasing a passion that is undeniable. “I’ve loved music all my life.” Says Flodin.

That love is what keeps Emma practicing. It's what keeps her traveling to rehearsals and performances and auditions alike because one thing is clear about this young Bassoonist…. She is first and foremost, a musician.

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