Sand Lake residents ask Muni for bond money because of quake damage, drainage problems

Published: Jan. 29, 2019 at 3:55 PM AKST
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Several families in the Sand Lake area are asking the Anchorage Assembly to include $500,000 into the Anchorage Road and Drainage Service Areas (ARDSA) bond because of major earthquake damage in their neighborhood.

"The Muni is not responsible for the earthquake, and neither are we, but you know it was multiple issues that brought on the liquefaction. One of the biggest is a lack of drainage out of the circle," said Dean Cannon who lives in the neighborhood, of the cul de sac.

The ARDSA bond is $32.7 million. If it is approved by voters it would add 77 cents onto every $100,000 of assessed property value for those who live in the broader service area. (

. If the Anchorage Assembly includes the $500,000 it would go up an additional one or two cents, according to assembly vice chair Felix Rivera.

Cannon says some of the homes sank between 8 and 12 inches.

Light posts dangle at odd angles in the cul de sac. A manhole cover is 12 inches below where it should be. There are more crooked staircases leading into the homes than straight ones, and fences look like they are about to fall over.

"It's heart-wrenching because we just bought it (the home) 2 months ago," Cannon said. "So it doesn't even feel like home yet and already it's got this issue, that can be fixed, but it's not going to be fixed without a lot of paper."

Rivera says this is the first time he can recall that a neighborhood in Anchorage has asked for financial assistance because of a disaster.

"The money won't go to the individual property owners it will just be a road project or some type of project that's done," Rivera said. "It would be specifically to deal with the drainage issues and the city would manage that. No money would go to the individual property owners."

Asked why Anchorage voters should support helping one area, Cannon says it's because earthquake problems could happen anywhere.

"It could be you guys next year," Cannon said, "we're not the only problem, but we might just be the first one to the bond."

If the Anchorage Assembly adds it to the bond at Tuesday's Assembly meeting, it will then move to voters for a decision during the April election.

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