Santa's going digital this year

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - This year, Santa tells Channel 2 reporters they can drop the pen and paper to write because they’re going digital up in the North Pole.

According to Mrs. Claus, the elves up there have been teaching Santa and her how to text! Apparently they’ve been getting caught up on a lot of new modern tech. Santa said nowadays he sends emails and even made time to do a Skype interview with us.

He told us that he’s got an iPhone, and he’s getting good enough at texting to start using emojis and GIFs. Now, he wants all the good little boys and girls to know that he’ll text them back all the way up until Christmas!

“I wanted to let people know kind of a little bit of behind the scenes up here at the North Pole,” Santa said. “So we’re sending some stories and little jokes that the elves tell, and I think Mrs. Claus is even going to send out a recipe or two!”

He isn’t doing it alone. Santa said he had to get some extra helpers to make sure he has everyone’s phone number in his contact list.

We’re told he’s checking that list twice as well to make sure he doesn’t miss anyone.

Now that he’s got an easier way to get a hold of all the children this year, he said he’s got even more time to come and visit places like the Dimond Center Mall to see everyone in person!

“Meeting with children is the most fantastic thing,” he said in person. “I make them happy and that makes me happy!”

Claus confirmed that he checks his naughty and nice list at least twice every year. Sometimes, he’ll go over it four or five times to check on the children who goes back and forth.

Above all, Santa said he wants everyone to know that he cares about them, especially the kids. He said he wishes everyone in Alaska a very merry Christmas and reminds us all to make sure we be good and remember the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season.

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