"Friends of the Fourth Avenue Theatre" hope to save the building from demolition

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A group of Alaskans, calling themselves "The Friends of the Fourth Avenue Theatre," are banding together to save the historic building from being demolished.

The 4th Avenue Theatre, owned by Peach Investments, was recently granted a permit to bring down the building.

In a pitch to the Alaska Historical Commission and a letter to the Anchorage mayor, the group stated that the theatre is an important historic resource.

According to "The Friends of Fourth Avenue Theatre" the building is on the U.S. national register of historic places and on the State of Alaska's Landmark Register, but neither will protect the theater from demolition.

Which is why the group is asking the building fall under the Alaska Historic Preservation Act (AHPA).

With the 70th anniversary coming Memorial Day weekend, advocates attempting to save the theatre say they are increasing their efforts.

"It's a permanent part of the American landscape," said Stephen Haycox, a University of Alaska Professor and spokesperson for the group. "It's got artistic value, civic value, and is just an unusual wonderful contribution to the city."

Haycox said that the 4th Avenue Theatre, with its artistic murals and beautiful lobby, is a part of Anchorage history that must be preserved for future generations.

A meeting with the Alaska Historical Commission is set for April 24, where they will discuss Fourth Avenue Theatre's historic value, and options for its preservation.

The meeting is open to the public starting at 9:45 a.m.

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