Scientist says Bogoslof has history of eruptive sequences

Photo courtesy Alaska Volcano Observatory/U.S. Geological Survey
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) While it may appear to be one of the more active volcanoes in the state now, a geophysicist says Bogoslof has a long history of eruptive sequences.

Since December 2016, the volcano has erupted nearly 40 times with the most recent happening last week.

Pilots reported seeing an ash cloud at about 36,000 feet.

A geophysicist says Bogoslof also went through a period of eruptive sequences in 1992 and in the 1920's and the volcano has unique features.

"What really distinguishes it is that it evolves a lot of sea water the crater is really at sea level," geophysicist Hans Schwaiger told Channel 2 News.

Schwaiger said the island itself has changed shape over this particular sequence of eruptions.

Both Bogoslof and Cleveland volcano are at color code orange.

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