School Bonds keep support in early votes as 2nd election results tallied

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Update - April 4, 2018:
Following the Municipality of Anchorage's second day of tallying ballots, Wednesday numbers indicate that ASD is still on its way towards getting its $50.7 million bond approved. Of the tallied votes, 34,075 were in favor of the bond, while 23,784 were not in favor of it.

Additionally, the gap between the votes did grow – slightly. Rather than having a lead of 9,459 votes, the difference is now 10,291.

As of Wednesday evening's count, all three of ASD School Board seat leads remain unchanged.

For Seat G, Elisa Snelling remains in the lead, with 24,884 votes to Irene Weisman’s 17,664.

For Seat F, Denna Mitchell still has a solid lead, with 33,140 votes to Phil Isley's 13,415.

And for Seat E, the lead is still Alisha Hilde, with 14,066 votes. However, this race also remains tight, as Tasha Hotch closes in with 13,510 votes – separated by less than 556 votes.

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Original Story - April 3, 2018:
The Anchorage School Board has three seats on Tuesday night’s election, and a school bond. The district's request for money from voters has seemingly early approval, but the tally is far from over.

The release of vote counts just before 9:00 p.m. tallies 50,506 ballots, which is 23.13 percent of the number of registered voters in Anchorage.

As of Tuesday night, School Board Seat E has a tight race with Tasha Hotch and Alisha Hilde separated by less than 700 votes. Hilde had a narrow lead with 12,166 votes, and Hotch close behind with 11,809. The race for Seat E was crowded with five candidates, but the next closest candidate is Don Smith with 7,401.

The results Tuesday night are out of 50,506 ballots tallied so far.
For Seat F, Deena Mitchell has a solid lead, with 28,739 votes over her opponent Phil Isley’s 11,467. "So far, I'm feeling really good," Mitchell said at election central Tuesday night, "but obviously we don't know what percentage of the total votes this represents," she said.

"But with me having a little over 28,000 of the votes and Phil having 11,000 of the votes, I'm feeling pretty confident that I've got it," she continued.

For School Board Seat G, incumbent Elisa Snelling leads with 21,333 votes to Irene Weisman’s 15,398.

"Well I'm at a little over 15,000 votes and my opponent is at a little over 21,000 votes," Weisman said at election headquarters, "So it's really, really close at this point. we still have a lot of ballots to go, so chances could be good."

School District Bonds are preliminarily passing, with 29,621 votes for, and 20,162 against. Anchorage School District superintendent Deena Bishop was pleased to see the preliminary numbers.

"They're looking fantastic," she said at election central. "The bonds for the school district, looking at a positive stance now, as well as really all the bonds and all the action on the ballot. It looks really pleasing, for our whole city really," Bishop said.

Bishop said the bond wasn't for anything fancy, and will help take care of the city-owned infrastructure to preserve it for the future.

"It was safety and security; it was a bare-bones bond," she said. "It wasn't anything fancy, there weren't any schools on there. We would have continued to have leaky roofs to fix and they would have deteriorated more and cost more in the long run,"

The District said the $50 million package would replace the roofs of five schools, improve the roofs of seven more district buildings, and update fire suppression, safety, and code compliance at two other schools.

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