Search finds body of snowboarder buried in Alaska avalanche

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KETCHIKAN, Alaska (AP) - Searchers have recovered the body of an Alaska snowboarder who was buried by an avalanche.

Bad weather had hampered the search for 39-year-old Marvin Scott of Ketchikan.

Alaska State Troopers say Scott was caught in an avalanche Sunday, while snowboarding on Dude Mountain outside Ketchikan in southeast Alaska.

AST reports that searchers located and recovered Scott's body on Thursday, after conditions improved.

Scott and another man were snowboarding when the large slide let loose.

Both men wore beacons, and the other man searched for Scott for an hour before hiking to call for help.

There was no cell coverage on the mountain. And troopers received the call about four hours after the avalanche.

Next-of-kin have been contacted, according to AST.

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