Seaweed farming could make waves in the future

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Commercial seaweed farming started up in Alaska a few years ago, and as harvests grow each year, there could be potential for a lot of growth.

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“It’s fairly small but there’s a lot of growing interest,” said Julie Decker, the executive director of Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation.

She said there are about eight to 10 permits out for seaweed farms currently.

However, she said there are about 50 applications currently in the process to grow either pacific oysters or seaweed in Alaska.

"It fits well with the assets commercial fisherman have," Decker said. "Knowledge of working with gear, tides, things like that."

Beau Perry, CEO, and founder of Blue Evolution saw potential in Alaska.

Blue Evolution is a seaweed farming and product company based in California, but they have hatcheries in Alaska.

"There’s an extraordinary amount of work beyond just growing it in the ocean that needs to be brought up to make this an effective industry for the state, so we’re still working through that," Perry said.

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