Cocker Spaniel recovering after moose attack caught on security camera

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A moose cow has attacked a cocker spaniel in a Midtown backyard, prompting Kim Mahosky to share her security camera footage to warn people about the danger the large Alaskan mammal poses.

Daisy, a cocker spaniel, is recovering after a moose attack on Saturday.

"We just have to be careful, careful of your surroundings and people need to be aware of how dangerous they are," Mahosky said.

Mahosky says her cocker spaniel, Daisy, was in her backyard with her pit bull. She said she heard a commotion outside and went to her deck, just in time to see a moose cow stepping over fence and attacking her small dog. A moose calf was out of view when the dogs were let out into the backyard, said Mahosky.

After the attack, Daisy had a four-inch gash across her back and her mouth was bleeding, Mahosky said in an email to KTUU. She took the small dog to a veterinarian for a three-hour intensive surgery.

"She's doing really really good, I've gotta watch her really close for 72 hours," Mahosky said.

Daisy lost a canine tooth and Mahosky says the vet had to work hard to re-attach muscle to bone. Daisy is recovering and Mahosky says the vet commented on how tough and resilient the small cocker spaniel was.

Following the incident, Mahosky said she's faced online criticism.

"I didn't let my dogs out to go chase down a moose and torment it and you know people need to realize that I didn't stand out there and video tape this," Mahosky said. "It was my house surveillance camera that picked it all up, I had no idea."

Mahosky said Daisy will be evaluated again on Wednesday unless she experiences any other problems beforehand.

Channel 2's Samantha Angaiak contributed information to this story.

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