Sen. Murkowski one of few Republican Senators to comment on President Trump’s response to peaceful protests

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - In a video from Meet the Press on Tuesday, Senator Lisa Murkowski is seen walking away as a journalist asks her for her opinion on the White House’s use of tear gas to disperse peaceful protests. As she exits the room, Murkowski can be heard saying, “I did not think that what we saw last night was the America that I know.”

The video also shows several other Republican leaders decline to comment on the issue.

Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan also did not respond, following in the steps of other GOP lawmakers.

NBC continued to quote Murkowski as she said, “I'm not quite sure if we are focused on the right things right now. I think tone is really, really important right now. And I do not believe that the tone coming from the president right now is helping. It's not helping me as a leader."

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