Short term relief could come to Knik Goose Bay Road

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Part of Governor Mike Dunleavy’s $262 million supplemental budget is providing the Department of Transportation with $2 million to resurface the first seven miles of the notoriously dangerous Knik Goose Bay Road.

That part of the road is riddled with ruts that make travel more dangerous for travelers according to DOT Spokesperson Shannon McCarthy. She also said there are plans in place to expand the road to a four-lane divided highway, but that won’t start until at least 2021.

“Right now, we have a situation where as our engineers are pushing forward on the big projects on the KGB reconstruction, we do have aging pavement in place,” she said, “when ruts fill with water when it rains or fill with ice, it’s more challenging for people to drive on that.”

In order to get the funding for the resurfaced section of road, the state legislature would have to approve the governor’s supplemental budget.

Recently the DOT Commissioner commented on how dangerous the road is noting that 16 people have died on the road over the past three years.

If approved, resurfacing would start this summer.

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