Snowy but warmer for our Monday holiday

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - While under snowy skies Monday in Anchorage we will see a high near 20 degrees.

A low-pressure storm over the central Gulf of Alaska has been moving northwest to just south of Prince William Sound. Precipitation has continued to spread to the west, making its way towards the Chugach Mountains. Snow could be heavy at times on the eastern Kenai Peninsula through Monday morning, especially over the higher terrain of eastern Turnagain Arm (Girdwood to Turnagain Pass).

For areas around Cook Inlet, there will be chances of snow through Monday night as airflow out of the south brings moisture into the region. This airflow, combined with waves of storm energy and cold air look to provide the conditions necessary for snowfall across much of Southcentral. For areas around Cook Inlet and the Mat-Su Valleys, a general 2-4" of snow are possible.

As cold as we have been, this new air mass associated with these storms is considerably warmer than what has been present across the region for the last few days, so temperatures look to increase into the upper teens to lower 20's for the Anchorage Bowl late Monday. There is the potential for a rain/snow mix across Prince William Sound and along the immediate coast of the Kenai Peninsula as temperatures warm even more. Snow looks to remain across the Mat-Su Valley's into Tuesday morning, although much lighter accumulations are expected earlier in the day. By Tuesday night, we should dry out with scattered snow showers remaining in the Copper River Basin and a snow/rain mix across the eastern Prince William Sound region.

For the extended period, a stagnant, slow to change weather pattern is expected to set up across Alaska and the Bering Sea throughout the entire long-term forecast period. We can expect strong winds and rain across the central and western Aleutians from Wednesday through Sunday. Meanwhile, wind producing cold air will move back into Southcentral dipping back down from the Arctic. The cold and gusty winds moving down out of the Interior appear at this time to be strong enough around the Anchorage area to prevent the freezing fog that we saw so much of last week.

The last and certainly most uncertain features to the long term forecast will be the tracks of a series of storms that are expected to move through the Gulf of Alaska through the long term period. Storms will move through the Gulf bringing active weather across the coastal locations. So concerns of strong winds, snow and wind chills will be the norm later in the week through southern mainland Alaska.

Mostly cloudy skies in Anchorage on Tuesday with a high of just 21 degrees. Mostly cloudy skies Saturday night with a low of 6 degrees.

Looking ahead, Wednesday we will be under partly cloudy skies with a high of 14 degrees.

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