Snowy roads cause issues for Anchorage school buses Tuesday morning

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – After another night of heavy snowfall, road conditions proved challenging Tuesday morning for Anchorage residents heading to work and school.

According to Anchorage School District transportation director Chuck Moore, about a dozen school buses lost traction on the roads despite having auto-chains. Several bus drivers had to put hard chains on their tires, which caused delays along a few routes.

“For the most part it wasn’t too bad this morning at all,” Moore told Channel 2. “We had a few buses that had to chain up and were running a little bit late. When we put hard chains on a bus we can’t drive more than 25 mph.”

Moore says there were no bus crashes or stuck buses on either Monday or Tuesday mornings, but the buses did run into trouble with other stuck vehicles. Unplowed neighborhood roads were also especially tricky.

[Back-to-back snowfalls slam city, state plow priorities]

“Probably the biggest delays this morning were created by other motorists getting stuck and then us not being able to pass them. Obviously we have to have a safety cushion to be able to navigate around a stuck vehicle,” Moore said.

In one case, Moore said a school bus was unable to maneuver around a vehicle that had been abandoned after getting stuck in the snow. The students on that bus had to be transferred to another.

With several days of consistent, heavy snowfall, state and municipal crews have had to put smaller neighborhood roads on the backburner in order to focus on major roadways across town. Clear weather on Tuesday gave them a chance to catch up.

City street maintenance manager Paul Vanlandingham told Channel 2 Monday morning that crews are aiming to have all 61 of Anchorage’s residential areas plowed by Thursday.

“With the back to back snowfall going on there are areas that do have 8 to 10 inches and we are continuing to plow those in order and once they have been done we will start the process over again,” Vanlandingham said.

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