Social media is having a field day with the 'salmon cannon'

ANCHORAGE, (KTUU) - No, this is not a joke. The ‘salmon cannon’ is real and social media is having a field day!

The “cannon” is created by a company called Whooshh Innovations.

CNN reports Whooshh Innovations CEO Vince Bryant said the video, created by streaming news network Cheddar, was stitched together with footage dating back to 2014 when its first cannon was sold.

The first system required workers to hand-feed fish into the tube to bypass the dam, but today's version lets fish swim into it themselves, he said.

For CNN’s in-depth article on the ‘salmon cannon,’ click here.

“Last Week Tonight” took to Twitter amidst the hype to remind everyone the show made its own version of the cannon on an episode back in 2014.

CNN also reports the cannon doesn't hurt the fish.

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