Space company applies for license for first Kodiak launch

Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA): Aurora Launch. (Photo from the Alaska Aerospace Corporation)
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KODIAK, Alaska (AP) - Arizona-based Vector Launch Inc. is planning a commercial rocket launch at the Pacific Spaceport Complex, its first launch at the Alaska facility.

The Kodiak Daily Mirror reports the company has applied for a launch license, aiming to test its Vector-R rocket by April 2019.

Shaun Coleman, Vector's chief sales and marketing officer, says the launch would be the first orbital attempt for the rocket.

According to the company's application, the rocket has two stages that will separate and land off the coast of Kodiak. The flight is expected to last less than 10 minutes, and the maximum operating time should be less than 3 hours from launch activities.

Coleman says Vector plans to conduct more launches from Kodiak Island if the test is successful.

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