Spotlight on youth: 9-year old Henry Vukovich, the Alaska Zoo's youngest intern

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) It's not every day you get your own personal tour guide at the Alaska zoo, but when we heard about one of its youngest interns and not only his love for animals but also his knowledge about them, we had to meet 9-year old Henry Vukovich.

9-year old Henry Vukovich giving the Morning Edition's Ariane Aramburo a lesson on seal behavior at the Alaska Zoo.

"These are the seals," he said as Channel 2's Ariane Aramburo looked on learning about their behavior. Vukovich credits his knowledge and love for animals to reading a lot of books and watching a lot of documentaries.

"I have to admit it's thanks to David Attenborough," he said.

Vukovich said he's been to the zoo more times than he can count. It's one of the first places his family volunteered when they moved to Alaska. He tagged along and eventually was given the position as a volunteer intern.

"I like seeing the animals, it's uh, I like helping out with events like when my dad's in the mascot costume he will, I'll help guide them around," he said.

A guide Ariane he did, after a stop at the seals, it was on to see George the talking Magpie, who by the way is a "she."

Then the musk ox, and a pop in on some sleeping tigers and finally a playful show by the grizzly bears and ending at the Polar Bear exhibit.

Henry also did a talk for the zoo's Wildlife Diaries series where he presented on overlooked aquatic creatures of the Last Frontier.

Some fun facts about Henry, his favorite animal at the zoo is a toss-up between the seals or sea otters. His favorite animal in Alaska is the Alaskan Black Fish and his favorite animal in the world is the American Eel. He wants to be an Ichthyologist when he grows up. That's someone who studies fish and aquatic creatures.

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