Spotlight on Youth: Baking Boot Camp helps students tap into their creative culinary skills

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) In one of UAA's kitchens, a group of curious chefs listen closely as their instructor teaches them how to make royal icing.

14-year old Jolie Robinson decorated a sugar cooking using royal icing.

UAA offers summer culinary and baking boot camps for kids ages 11 to 17. Whether a beginner or advanced, the camp offers something for everyone.

"Well, I learned like how to make things because I wasn't very good at that before," said 11-year old Elsie Mujagse.

Complete with chef hats and aprons, students are learning not only skills in the kitchen, but in life as well.

"Food brings people together, I love that, I want to own my own bakery for the simple fact that a lot of people try to divide other people and I just want a place where people can feel like they're welcome without feeling judged and they can be who they are," said Ariel Lamp.

Not to mention the benefits that come out of being in a baking boot camp too.

"I did a culinary one three years ago and my family really liked all the food I brought home," said 14-year old Jolie Robison.

So, whether they decide to become chefs or not, the camp is the perfect recipe for a taste of the future.

"If you're passionate about baking or you want to learn how to decorate, you know I say this is a good place," said Lamp.

UAA's culinary and baking boot camps are over for the summer, but there's always next year.

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