Spotlight on youth: Liberty Scott's love of books helps Houston Middle School library

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PALMER (KTUU) It suffered some of the greatest damage from the November 30 earthquake. Houston Middle School's library and its books are a total loss. In this week's spotlight on youth, we meet a Palmer High School teen who was inspired by her love of reading to help out.

Books are scattered everywhere and ceiling tiles are down at the school's library. The damage is so bad, Librarian Ann Lee said it's condemned.

"It serves as a source of information both in print and online," said Librarian Janelle Maki.

Palmer High School student Liberty Scott loves books and wanted to help. She said they were looking for 5th to 9th grade level books.

'It's pretty awesome. Especially since books are really close to my heart. I've grown up reading books like my entire life and so being able to give books back to someone in need is just really awesome," said Scott.

The book drive for Houston Middle School continues at Fireside Books in Palmer. You can purchase and donate them to the library.

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