Spotlight on Youth: Students speak out, strike on behalf of climate change

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Friends Maxim Unruh and Cassidy Austin put the finishing touches on their signs. The two are part of a movement inspired by a 15-year old Swedish student who, in 2018, ditched school to start a strike encouraging youth to speak up on climate change.

"I got involved with this movement because I wanted to get my voice out and I wanted to make sure that I was heard as well as other youth in the community," said Austin.

On March 15, 2019, Unruh, Austin and dozens more marched to Town Square in downtown Anchorage to participate in the Youth Climate Strike.

Signs read "I want a future" and "Evidence over ignorance." Unruh, an exchange student from Germany, lead the event. He's only lived in Alaska for 7 months, but has already noticed changes happening here.

"I talked to people from rural villages where their coast is eroding or reverse is taking away land from the villages or glaciers melting within generation," he said.

"The strongest thing you have is your voice and you need to make sure you put it out in the world because that's why you have it," added Austin.

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