State fair event coordinators span generations

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Sara Post, the Alaska State Fair’s only event coordinator, said the fair runs in her blood.

“I started at 4-H when I was five,” Post said. “And then my mom was an event coordinator.”

Post said her family has been involved in the fair for years. So when her mom left the position, it was only natural that Post filled it.

“We talked to the boss and she was like, yeah, you’ve been here,” she said. “You know how everything runs.”

Post and her team spend their time looking over all the details of the events and walking to and from venues.

In years past, there have been multiple event coordinators.

Now, Sara is in charge of 54 events, the largest number the fair has ever had.

But what will happen to the look-alike competitions and pumpkin contests, once Post is done?

“And now seeing my three-year-old running around the fairgrounds, she’s probably going to go right along in my footsteps,” Post said.

Olivia Post, Sara Post’s daughter, is three years old. She’s known as the “fair baby.”

“She’s here with me every single day rain and shine,” she said.

If there are even more events in the years to come at the Alaska State Fair, well, good luck Olivia.

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