State of Alaska looks to sell two fast ferries, says cost to run is too expensive

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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) Alaska's transportation department is looking to sell two of its so-called fast ferries, with a spokeswoman saying the vessels are too expensive to keep running.

Aurah Landau says there have been long-standing plans to phase out the Fairweather and Chenega, which went into service within the past 15 years.

Landau says fuel costs for the vessels are high and because they're lighter, they can't handle routes with rougher conditions.

She says the value of the vessels hasn't been publicly released yet.

Landau says the first step is to see if any other state agencies or local governments in Alaska are interested in the ferries.

If not, the next step would be to seek proposals for a commercial vessel broker to help market the ferries to a broader audience.

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