Steps parents can take to ensure safety as kids return to school

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - As back to school approaches, more children will be in the roadways and traffic around school will begin to pick up.

School Resource Officer John Goetz wants to remind parents that there are precautionary measures they can take to ensure their child gets to school safely.

“If they walk to school or ride to school, they should wear reflective clothing,” Goetz said. “They should learn how to obey traffic laws as well.”

Goetz said that parents should be discussing safety with their children. And another topic that should be brought up in conversation is “stranger danger.”

“Every year, we get a number, any number, of reports that someone was trying to solicit or pick up a child on their way to school,” Goetz said. “They may be valid or may just be misunderstandings, we get both. The main concern is, you never know.”

Goetz recommends that children walk in groups and to ensure they are aware of their surroundings.

But, Goetz said, perhaps the biggest concern for middle and high schoolers is found online.

“Some of the biggest things that we have the biggest issues with are internet or social media use,” Goetz said. “Whether it be inappropriate or criminal in nature. I think it would be wise for parents to have conversations with their kids about appropriate use of internet and social media. Definitely monitor things, see what it is they’re doing,”

He said that if there are any red flags with your child’s social media activity, to contact the Anchorage Police Department and have them look into it.

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