Stores prepare for Anchorage plastic bag ban

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Many shoppers have been preparing for Anchorage’s plastic bag ban for the past few months, stocking up on reusable bags.

And just like consumers have been prepping, markets, retailers and restaurants are getting ready for the ordinance to come into effect on Sunday.

“We’ve eliminated the inventory on incoming plastic bags already,” said Cora Cummings, the store manager for New Sagaya. “We are anticipating a pallet of paper bags. We’ve also brought in a lot of reusable bags for our customers to purchase. So that will help with the transition.”

The grocery store has also been informing customers during the days leading up to the ban that they will no longer be offering plastic.

Many stores will switch over to paper bags and charging additional fees.

According to the city ordinance, sellers may provide non-plastic bags, such as paper, at a minimum cost of $0.10 per bag up to a maximum of $0.50 per transaction.

There are several exceptions to the plastic bag ban.

According to the municipality website, the prohibition doesn't apply to a plastic bag that is:

  • Used by customers inside stores to contain a product that does not have other packaging, including bulk foods, fruits, nuts, vegetables, bakery goods, etc.

  • Used to contain dampness or leaks from items such as frozen foods, meat or fish;
    Used only to contain ice

  • Used only to contain or wrap flowers or potted plants

  • Provided by a pharmacist for the sole purpose of containing prescription drugs

  • Used only to package an unconsumed portion of a bottle of wine

  • Used only to contain a newspaper, laundry, or dry cleaning

  • Sold in packages containing multiple bags intended for consumer use off the retail seller’s premises, such as for the collection and disposal of garbage, pet waste, or dog waste

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