Storms bring winds and maybe some scattered showers

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - While under cloudy skies Tuesday Anchorage warms to near 49 degrees.

Overnight and morning lows will be a touch warmer than yesterday in response to storm energy and low-pressure systems moving east across interior Southcentral on Tuesday. Developing upper airflow from out of the southwest ahead of these systems will move moisture up Cook Inlet, bringing the chance for mixed precipitation to northern portions of the Susitna Valley and the Talkeetna's today (Tuesday).

The precipitation then becomes more widespread over Southcentral Tuesday night (tonight) through Wednesday as a frontal system lifts from the Western Gulf north toward Prince William Sound. Stalling along the coast. Gap winds out of the southeast will also be on the increase Tuesday through Wednesday in advance of the front. For valley locations, the bulk of the precipitation will fall as rain as the flow out of the south ushers in warmer air. For higher elevations and passes, minor accumulations are possible as enough colder air will remain for periods of snow and or mixed precipitation.

There is still a chance for an additional area of low pressure to spin up somewhere from the eastern Kenai Peninsula to western Prince William Sound. How this plays out will have an impact on winds across the region, not to mention whether precipitation will linger across Cook Inlet north across Anchorage and the Susitna Valley through Thursday. Thursday evening, it appears more likely that the front will remain stalled and that the second area of low pressure will develop. Therefore, winds are forecast to remain a bit stronger, wrapping around the center of circulation while precipitation lingers along the coast and east of Chugach and Kenai Ranges.

A progressive pattern is on tap for an extended period. The possibility looks good for low-pressure systems over the Central Bering Sea and the Central Pacific Ocean around 4 am in the morning on Friday. However, by 4 am on Saturday the storms take a more southerly track along the Aleutian Chain, and all the while the Central Pacific Low becomes an open wave.

Cloudy skies in Anchorage Tuesday with a chance for some scattered showers as we warm up to 49 degrees. Also, we are looking at winds out of the southeast from 10-20 mph as well as out of the southeast from 15-30 mph along Turnagain Arm and in higher elevations. Tuesday night we have a 70 percent chance for more widespread rain showers as we drop down to 40 degrees. Winds will be out of the southeast from 10-20 mph as well as 30 mph gusts.

Cloudy Wednesday with a high of 48 degrees as well as an 80 percent chance for rain showers. Winds will be out of the southeast from 10-20 mph plus out of the southeast from 10-20 mph along Turnagain Arm as well as in higher elevations. Wednesday night we drop down to 37 degrees with a 60 percent chance for rain showers.

Looking ahead, Anchorage will be cloudy on Thursday with rain likely (60 percent chance) as we warm up to 44 degrees.

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