Stranded Beluga whale calf rescued by Troopers, transported to Alaska SeaLife Center

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SEWARD, Alaska (KTUU) - A stranded Beluga whale calf was transported to the Alaska SeaLife Center, in Seward, after being spotted by Alaska Wildlife Troopers in the western Cook Inlet this past Saturday.

“Alaska Wildlife Troopers Aircraft Section participated in an impromptu and unusual rescue. While Helo-3 was assisting NOAA by transporting an enforcement officer to an area near Tyonek, the pilot and officer spotted a baby Beluga stuck in shallow water in the surf,” wrote the State Troopers on social media.

After repeated attempts, the Beluga whale would not swim to deeper water. This led AWT to transport the whale to the Alaska SeaLife Center via a helicopter and then a marine animal rescue truck.

A press release from NOAA says the animal is estimated to be two to four weeks old. At the time of its arrival, the calf was 64-inches long and weighed 142 pounds. The calf is currently being fed every two hours, with an electrolyte solution and dilute formula.

The SeaLife Center is currently caring for two harbor seals, two sea otters, a walrus calf and this recently arrived beluga whale calf.

In June, the walrus calf was discovered by gold miners in Nome and transported by plane to the SeaLife Center. The walrus was named Aku in August, an Inupiaq word meaning the stern of a boat.

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