Summer "Yoga In The Park" series coming to an end

ANCHORAGE, (KTUU) - With the traditional summer month of July coming to an end, so is the summer ‘Yoga in the Park’ series.

With Wednesday night is the second to last event many people are expected to take advantage of the nice weather.

Photo by: Jesse Rosenstein

This year marks the 7th year the event has been put on by Studio. It’s free and open to the public.

Tina Day, Director of Marketing and Public Relations says “On any typical Wednesday, you’ll see as many as 400-500 in the park practicing yoga with their kids, dogs and even a little girl with a lemonade stand.”

Next week on August 7th Studio will host the last ‘Yoga in the Park’ held at Delaney Park Strip.

Day says “Studios goal is to bring yoga to everyone to enhance wellness, and the state of being in the present – it’s also super fun.”

If you miss the series this year, no worries. Day says it'll be back the first Wednesday of June!

Photo by: Jesse Rosenstein

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