Dunleavy recall supporters and opponents preparing for phase two

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) With a key decision from the Division of Elections just over two weeks away, both sides of the effort to recall Governor Dunleavy are gearing up for the second phase of the campaign. The recall campaign at AFN, and the governor on national media outlets, both sides preparing for what they expect to be a drawn-out legal battle.

“If it’s certified, we print booklets and gather for phase two,” said Recall Dunleavy Chair Meda DeWitt. “If they don’t certify, then we go to court, but we know that our grounds are solid.”

Recall Dunleavy set up a booth at AFN, where they’re gathering pledges for phase two and meeting supporters of the first phase.

“We’re really here to meet the people and answer questions,” DeWitt said. “We have a lot of people throughout the state who signed.”

Meanwhile, Governor Dunleavy has appeared on national media outlets, calling the recall campaign an effort by unhappy voters to change the election.

“This is really an attempt to undo an election, in which a conservative won, to put into place a conservative agenda which the people of Alaska want,” Governor Dunleavy told the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill.

Another group, Stand Tall With Mike, was founded in late September with the purpose to “oppose the signature collection effort to recall Governor Dunleavy.”

The group’s website says they will use donations to “advocate with the Alaskan public about the positive changes Mike Dunleavy is making.” We contacted the chair and treasurer of Stand Tall With Mike about what those efforts would look like, but they declined further comment.

For now, both campaigns are in limbo until the Division of Elections makes a decision on the validity of the signatures and grounds for recall submitted by Recall Dunleavy. A decision is currently slated to be announced on November 4th. Regardless of the decision, DeWitt is certain the fight won’t end there.

“If they do reject our application, we will go to court,” DeWitt said. “And we just anticipate that that will be the course of action.”

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