Alaska taxidermists work to repair trophies toppled by earthquake

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) — More than two months after a magnitude 7 earthquake shook Anchorage on Nov. 30, taxidermy shops are just beginning to catch up on repairing damaged animal mounts.

"Within hours we started getting calls about everybodies sheep's necks being broken, deer heads with the horns knocked off, noses being implanted," Knight Taxidermy owner Russel Knight said.

Knight says 30 mounts came in immediately after the earthquake, and another 45 have come in in the following weeks. The shop has been able to repair all but two.

"Taxidermy is really just memories, and when your memory hits the ground, you want to get it back up as soon as possible," Knight said.

While prized animals made up most of the work, taxidermists have also been able to repair other artifacts, including Alaska Native art — polished moose bone necklaces and a carved ivory tusk — damaged in the quake.