Ten below with the wind chill early but more than ten above later

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - While under mostly cloudy skies Tuesday in Anchorage we will see a high near 13 degrees.

Storms are lifting northwest across the southern half of the Kenai Peninsula Tuesday morning with its associated storm energy lifting inland across the northern reaches of Prince William Sound. The airflow out of the south has helped to relax those winds and cold air moving out of the north.

As storms move towards Cook Inlet the heavy blowing snow that impacted locations from Girdwood and Portage south to Seward yesterday is diminishing.

Flurries and light snow (as moisture moved across the area) from Kenai north to Talkeetna last night (Monday night) should start to lessen Tuesday morning. Near Cordova, another round of snow is taking place as more storms move through Middleton Island, and continue to move west (last night) and Tuesday morning toward Valdez and Thompson Pass.

These weather features will allow the gusty winds through Thompson Pass to continue through the early morning before winds switch to out of the southeast.

Another low-pressure system will bring more snow and winds out of the east to Cordova Tuesday morning with the precipitation sliding west over Prince William Sound later in the day on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, a storm-force low (39-54 mph winds) will begin to track north into the Gulf. This will change up our atmospheric pressure again along the coast thus helping to reestablish winds out of the north. Once again, impacting the usual coastal gaps and passes, especially across the Valdez waterways and Thompson Pass, where another round of blizzard conditions could start up by late Tuesday afternoon. The storm will strengthen farther south and west, as it moves toward Kodiak Island.

These systems will produce widespread storm force (39-54 mph) winds across the northern Gulf, southern half of Cook Inlet, and the Shelikof Strait. Strong winds out of the northeast across Kodiak Island will be joined by snow, which is expected to last through Wednesday morning and could produce blizzard conditions at times.

By Wednesday, the storms will move along the Southcentral coast with another round of snow and blowing snow that will impact Prince William Sound and the eastern Kenai Peninsula.

For the extended period, remnants of our storms are expected to move eastward on Friday as high pressure approaches from the west. Our next focus will be on the western Aleutians as an incoming storm force (39-54 mph winds) low approaches Friday into Saturday. Southern Alaska could see another warm-up at the beginning of next week as warmer air out of the south pushes eastward into the Gulf of Alaska.

Mostly cloudy skies in Anchorage on Tuesday with a high of 13 degrees plus 20 mph winds along Turnagain Arm as well as in higher elevations. Mostly cloudy Tuesday evening as we drop down to 9 degrees, with winds out of the north at 15 mph.

Mostly cloudy skies in Anchorage on Wednesday with a high of 22 degrees. Mostly cloudy skies Wednesday night along with 40 mph winds along Turnagain Arm as well as in higher elevations

Looking ahead, Thursday we will be under mostly cloudy skies with a high of 19 degrees.

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